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Traffic + Conversions = More Customers and Profits

  • Have you been burned in the past by poor quality spammy SEO? Have you been PENALIZED and/or BANNED in Google?
  • Are you tired of wasting precious resources on outdated SEO techniques that turn out to be just plain ineffective?
  • Have you been jumping from agency to agency only to painfully realize that you are still NOT making an ROI on your expensive marketing efforts?

Most Effective Long Lasting SEO

We use the safest, most effective, and advanced marketing and SEO techniques in the industry. This means longer lasting results and more ongoing new customers for you!

Stop the Cycle, Get ROI

We use the best research methods to suck in the highest possible QUALITY traffic to your site.

SEO Without CONVERSIONS is Useless

Having your site ranked # 1 does not guarantee profits. With our simple rinse and repeat process we can help turn that traffic into a steady stream of revenue for your business.

What we offer


100% natural Google friendly SEO that will get you long lasting results. We blend our SEO with a social media presence that not only boosts search engine rankings but sends more traffic from social media to your site.

Complete Digital Marketing

We are more than just an SEO agency. We are a search engine marketing agency. In today’s internet environment SEO alone won’t make you money. You need a complete modern digital marketing strategy that incorporates SEO to get you the ROI you need.

We Treat You Like a Partner

Unlike many other SEO firms in the industry we offer personalized one on one ongoing consultations and advice. You can talk to a real expert when you need help. We don’t put you on hold only to connect you with a person who barely speaks English from another country.

We Don’t Keep You in the Dark

We will send monthly reports keeping you up to date on your current rankings. Since we are constantly staying on top of the industry and belong to the most advanced SEO mastermind groups you can benefit from our knowledge and connections. We are aware of the changes Google makes virtually immediately when they happen and will keep you up to date on any changes that need to be made in order to have a Google friendly site.


Services Quick Overview

No matter what your marketing goals we can help take you to the next level of profitability.

Are you looking to increase traffic to your site? Are you interested in video marketing? Or maybe you want to get faster results with paid search engine traffic or PPC.

Do you need a new or updated website? We are experts in in web design and development for building Google friendly websites that will not only rank in the search engines, but that will convert your traffic into paying customers.

Or maybe you are interested in social media marketing services because you understand the power of social media in today’s ever changing internet landscape.

Whatever you are looking for we offer complete digital marketing packages custom tailored to your individual business.

Our research and technical marketing skills combine to produce an award winning formula for online success.

Top Online Marketing and SEO Consulting Specialists in Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville SEO in SC– Increase Your Online Visibility

Out of all the marketing firms you have to choose from we are one of the the best companies, if not the best, for SEO and digital solutions here in Greenville, South Carolina.

After having started our marketing consulting services firm several years ago we have since have become a leading internet marketing force in the Greenville SC area and all of South Carolina.

But our reach extends far beyond just the local area. We have clients all around the country and internationally. The internet has no geographical boundaries and neither do we as a company.

We are not limited to any one area and can take on clients in any area. So please feel free to reach out to us not matter where you are located or how you found this site.

Popular for our unique and innovative digital online marketing strategies, we always make sure our new and long-term clients are completely satisfied with our SEO solutions. We have a proven track record for getting all of our clients very high in the search results and increasing traffic, conversions, and profit. Our SEO and online marketing is designed to help any business.

If you are looking for consulting services our high achieving agency also offers online consulting from a trained professional SEO consultant. It is no accident we are at the top of our game. But it is through hard work, dedication, and incredible results, we have become one of the leading search engine optimization companies in South Carolina.

Our internet marketing advice experts offer exclusive search engine consulting tailored to your business.

The SEO methods we use are more evergreen than some of the more traditional methods many are used to seeing or hearing about. Why? The search engines are constantly working to discover “old methods”. The longer a method has been around, the closer it is to being shut down by the next algorithm update. So it is more important than ever to stay on top of new cutting edge SEO techniques that remain undiscovered by search engines. We seek to shun cheap blatant SEO which is common to most SEO companies. These cheap methods will be successful in ranking you but will be shut down within the next 1 or 2 years leaving you to have to start over from scratch. Instead we constantly study what non-SEO sites have in common and seek to emulate those. We build high quality sites with high quality content and syndicate the content in ways that Google approves of.

Instead of trying to rank you as fast as possible (using extremely risky and dangerous practices) we instead endeavor to utilize much safer yet effective techniques that will rank you at a good steady pace, while at the same time keeping in line with what Google looks for in a “natural” none SEOed site. So it is a more balanced approach with longer lasting results.

As Google comes out with more updates they will continue to smash many of the ranking methods commonly employed in the industry. Knowing this, and having seen it over and over throughout the years, we have the experience to understand that we need to work hard to give Google what it wants, so that you can get what you want out of Google.

One vital element to this is making sure your website and properties have high quality engaging content that both Google and your visitors will love. After all what good is getting traffic if people who come to your site hate the content?

Even if you can get away with and rank a money site with low quality content why would you want to? It makes no sense to so something so foolish. Poor quality content will not convert visitors to paying customers. And yet this is what many agencies are advising clients to do. They might pay an outsourced company in India somewhere to write a poor quality articles with bad grammar and spelling for your site. They might pay them $3. And then turn around and charge you $50 for it.

In addition to the on page content part of the marketing we also specialize in designing link building campaigns that help to increase the ranking of your website in a natural way by using a repeatable processes to get people to link to you. A vital part of this is how we use social media marketing to drive social links and traffic to your site.

In addition we use other lesser known sources to drive quality links and traffic to your site naturally. For example the implementation of press releases for your company. We are able to get your site on high quality news sites such as Fox, ABC, NBC, local news, Google News etc. Not only does this increase your SEO value but at the same time driving quality traffic from high quality sites. You will gain authority and high visibility on some of the most authoritative sites on the internet.

This is not some feel good process based ONLY on content marketing. We don’t just build good content and then wait and hope that people will love it so much that they will link back to you. Most of the time it simply does not work that way. And even if it does it is not a repeatable process that will work every time. You need a more guaranteed way to get the pipeline rolling.

These are just examples of some of the things we do which sets us apart from the rest of the industry as a whole. We offer superior evergreen and natural looking SEO techniques to rank your sites in the search engines.

Through increased rankings, we are able to drive more traffic and customers to your business.

We are here to give advice to businesses of all sizes – devising effective online marketing strategies that are tailored to help your company’s website and business to grow.

Promoting your products and services online is one of the best ways to reach existing and potential customers. Our brilliantly engineered SEO campaigns will dramatically help you to achieve this goal.

If you are unsure about what kind of marketing your business may need, an online marketing consultant from our agency will be happy to help advise you on the optimum strategy that will be both cost effective and provide the highest ROI for your situation. When it comes to SEO one size fits all is NOT the solution.

Attempting to do this is like trying to fit a square shape into a round hole. It just won’t work. No matter how hard you try to force it to that mold it does not fit. And therefore it is doomed to fail from the very beginning. Don’t fall into the trap of wasting time on cheap ineffective methods. Your time is valuable and so is your money. Don’t get fooled into wasting it.

Our freelance team of experts understand that to grow and expand your business pro SEO services are a must. Not only because it takes years to master, but because the SEO landscape is changing so fast that it would be impossible for a single inexperienced individual without the proper networks or contacts to keep up with it all.

It is not realistic as many believe to just “jump into” SEO like you are putting on a pair of socks. We know what it takes to be successful because we are in the trenches and can see how each year Search Engine Optimization is taking more and more sophistication to succeed.

Gone are the days when you could just build a few easy backlinks and blast to the top within a few days. To make it in this business you need experienced teams of people each doing a specialized job. The work load to rank a page is a huge project that has many facets. From social media “signals” to high authority relevant links. It is all very time consuming and requires an unbelievable amount of skills and quality content.

Our best advice is to leave the SEO and online marketing to the experts so you can do what you do best. Which is dealing with your customers/clients and running your business.

Trying to do your own online marketing is bound to cost you much more in the long run as you will undoubtedly make many costly mistakes before you figure it all out. It could take years of trial and error before you get on the right track, if ever. Most people are just not cut out for the complicated technical aspects of SEO.

Why try to re-invent the wheel and wast needless time burning all your hard earned money on bogus do it yourself marketing? Instead you can hire a team to take the stress out of the process to get you the results you need.

We believe that with the explosion of online companies, it has become essential for small businesses to use the best marketing consulting companies as part of an overall effective online marketing strategy.

Most small business owners have no idea where to even begin when it comes to improving their online presence. But you don’t worry though – our business strategists have decades of experience and are ready to give you the best internet marketing consulting services money can buy.

We have a widespread approach to online company marketing which helps organizations to develop and implement sophisticated high-level strategies – a daunting task if you don’t know the right guys.

Luckily you’re in the right place if you want a competitively priced, unbeatable, powerful strategic promotion to empower your business online.

There’s a reason we’re continuously voted as one of the most successful marketing consulting firms in Greenville. Our business marketing consultants are here to help you plan the future of your business online.

Do you have a small business and not sure if you need an expert consultation? Give us a call for a free no obligation phone consultation. You have nothing to lose and our small business consultant will be happy to discuss your options for local marketing strategies that will allow you to acquire ,more nearby customers.

There are many individual tactics available to local companies including local SEO optimization, local video marketing, local video SEO, advertising on local sites, local directory submissions such as Yelp, and much more. That is why it is important that you have a customized plan because different types of businesses need different online strategies. The way you marketing for a local company is not the same as the way you market for a national company.

Prior to marketing, we first help you find the keywords your customers are using to search for your products and services. We help you select the best keywords that are relevant to your website and to your customers. These selected keywords are then strategically and carefully added into certain parts of the content and html tags on your website.The end result is driving high quality “targeted” traffic. It is the kind of traffic that can make a business a lot more money.

Our SEO experts then make sure that these keywords are mixed in with only the highest quality content so that the visitors get the relevant information they are searching for. Your customers will see value in the content of your site.

We aim to become a vital part of your business by creating the most successful and profitable marketing strategies for you. This is done through painstaking work intensive systems we put in place to reach our goals.

As your business grows and changes shape, we are able to grow with you and adapt to your businesses needs as they change overtime.

There are many benefits to hiring our SEO services including boosting the visibility of your website, making your products a household name, and enhancing corporate relations.

We focus on both the off-site and on-site SEO approach. If your website is already at the top, we will then specifically focus on the off-site aspect – reducing the cost and enhancing the results. When you consult the SEO experts at Greenville SEO, you’re sure to get an ROl that’ll leave you thrilled.

Full Service Internet Marketing and Advertising Company

Are you looking for top visibility in the search engine result pages? Is your website search engine friendly? Have you ever analyzed your website traffic? Is your online presence important to your business?

Search engines are the first place people are looking for information nowadays. A website that is well optimized for search engines -with rich keyword-oriented content -can attract visitors in bulk. Get your website to the #1 place on Google for popular search queries and you’ll be blown away by how this can contribute to your overall success.

Welcome to the Greenville SEO SC website, a full service digital agency offering internet marketing, web design, and online advertising services in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

We are a highly trained and skilled team of online marketers and technical specialists at your disposal. In addition we also have years of experience and access to the best equipment- In other words a real top team of Internet Marketing and SEO Specialists.

We boast time-tested successful search engine marketing strategies that are proven to work.

Our SEO Web Design and marketing services company is a top company in Greenville and able to provide many great solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Whether you need search marketing, video marketing, or any other website services, we’re here to help you every step of the way. All the way from the research to the final steps in the process.

We are also now offering new cutting edge services in -Social Media advertising. Social media is growing on the internet at an exponential rate. We can help to position you and your business to get you in front of the most profitable trends in internet marketing.

As an experiential agency with a history of success and customer satisfaction our strategies are rooted in the constant innovation and testing of new methods, always staying at the forefront of the industry so we can keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Now is the time to fight back against your competitors, so don’t delay any longer…give us a call now!

As for SEO it has many different facets requiring knowledge in all of the different things that can effect ranking. This includes literally hundreds of different factors.

For example mobile SEO. Research shows that for the first time ever, more people are accessing the web from their smartphone or tablet than through a conventional desktop or laptop computer.

Did you know that Google ranks sites different for mobile devices than it does for desktop computers? For this reason, it is important to have a fast loading mobile friendly website with a responsive design. Is your website mobile optimized? If not you could be missing out on HALF your potential traffic since about half of all searches now occur on mobile devices.

Our creative agency is able to build responsive website designs and mobile friendly pages so you can be sure you’re on the cutting edge of internet marketing. Our mobile marketing company team is skilled in a variety of different fields such as html5, java, C++, Flash, and Joomla development. We know what Google looks for in order to label a site as “mobile friendly”.

Or if your business is seeking strategies for marketing an app, we are also able to provide effective solutions to make sure your app gets downloads and positive reviews in the app stores. Let us be your design and marketing agency for all of your digital and app needs.

We have been able to help many local businesses reach more customers. Such as:

Sports companies, dental, and attorney offices, organic farmers, local hotels, law firms, chiropractors, yoga studios, personal trainers, car dealerships, income taxes companies, and much more.

Whether your small to medium sized business deals with automobiles, restaurants, or even healthcare services – we’re able to help you make a bigger, bolder presence on the web so you can reach more customers than ever before.

Known as the best local business internet search company, we love seeing our clients grow as a result of our SEO, marketing, and web design services.

Unlike many less experienced “SEOs” before we do any SEO work in link building or optimizing, we first check to make sure your website is healthy and doesn’t have any penalties. Trying to rank a digitally sick unhealthy site is like trying to get someone with broken legs to run a marathon. It’s not going to happen.

These initial checks are done during an in-depth website analysis performed by one of our SEO experts. We make sure to analyze your sites’ web traffic as well as all other online marketing activities associated with your sites before coming up with a final plan of action.

Through this analysis we are able to find the most cost effective and efficient path to increase your sales leads. Once analysis is completed, we move on to forming a customized digital strategy for your business.

Having a website is a big step towards being visible to millions of people on the Internet. However, you still need to let all those people know that you exist. When venturing into any search engine marketing or website promotion activities, it is essential to identify the key phrases that convert traffic on your site. These are what we call “buyers keywords” or “money keywords”. The proper keyword research and picking the right keywords for your business is a skill all its own. This vital step should not be left to amateurs or someone without the proper experience and tools. Keyword research is one of our strongest points. We get it done right the first time.

Our strategic internet services are based on each customers unique needs. This can only be properly assessed by an experienced group of people. Our hard working team members have a multitude of different technical abilities rooted in years of hard won experience. In this industry experience is the key to this game. You don’t want rookies making marketing decisions that can either make or break you as a company.

Our organic SEO experts have moved sites up the Google rankings time after time. Our number one goal is always 100% customer satisfaction as we continue to gain peak results on a daily basis.

We know you won’t be satisfied unless you are making ROI from your marketing investments. Our focus is ALWAYS on getting you ROI. Unlike many other agencies who’s goal is to get you to focus on SEO rankings alone. Although ranking is important this is a distraction technique. Don’t fall for it.

Because ranking alone is not where the money is going to come from. The money comes from a combination of many different online marketing methods woven into a holistic digital marketing package. This should includes traffic sources, web site design, website architecture, website content, ads content, and email capture funnels.

Here at Greenville SEO SC we have it down to a science and have the perfect balance between all these things. We’re ready to put our years of experience and knowledge of internet marketing to work for you today.

Website promotion is a fancy online marketing term used to describe increasing the web presence of a particular domain. Our team of marketing pros provide website promotion solutions for organizations wanting to maximize their online visibility.

Remember that the goal of the search engines is to produce the most relevant results to a user request. The most important thing to do when SEO optimizing your website is to be sure that you have useful RELEVANT content on your site and the search engines are able to access it.

If you own a business offline, you know you need to advertise to bring in more business, even if you have a great location. It’s no different for your online business. Think of your online website as a 24/7 open store able to acquire and interact with new customers.

Not only that but the internet is a worldwide marketplace and it is possible to have a high international ranking depending on the type of business. We also specialized in international ranking for business that need it.

Many people wonder what Search Engine Marketing or (SEM) really is. One example of SEM is the process of ranking your website higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In addition to SEO there is also Pay-per-click advertising, otherwise known as PPC. PPC is advertising commonly executed through Google AdWords where advertisers pay based on ad performance. Whatever type of search engine marketing you are interested in we can help you decide if it is right for your business and then come up with a plan to tailor SEM to your business.
But Search Engine Marketing along with Pay-Per-Click are only some of the many ways we can help you advertise and bring more traffic to your website. We would be happy to speak with you about your options and the best fit to help you get maximum ROI for your business type.

Once traffic arrives to your site it is important to improve conversion optimization and gather as many new email sign ups and customers as possible.

In many cases rankings and traffic is not enough. Sometimes companies (for reasons beyond their control) have a problem with reputation that threatens to destroy the business. In such cases you may want to consider our reputation management services.

In this service, we act as your public relations agency to minimize any negative association with your fine company. With us as your publicity agency, your company will always look its best in the search engines.We know how to use reputation management SEO to help mitigate negative information circulating on the internet.
The next key factor after driving visitors to your website is making sure they sign up to your email list. We make sure all of our websites have properly working email and contact form sign-up boxes. When you hire us as your email marketing agency, we will work with you to come up with the best ways to grow your email marketing lists. This in turn will increase overall conversions for your business.

Our SEO and web design teams are also capable of putting together business to buisness marketing campaigns and sites. If you company is in need of b2b internet marketing services then you have come to the right place.

Our b2b agency is able to tap into the exclusive business markets that elude lesser SEO companies. Business to business marketing has exploded in the last couple of years as more and more small businesses try to scale up. By hiring our b2b services you could forge solid and profitable business relationships with successful corporations. This is just one of the ways we are able to provide you with the best service possible!

If content is what you need, we have an amazingly gifted team of writers who are able to produce high quality web content – everything from press releases to blog posts – quickly and affordably.

Our professional writing content services are regularly featured as guest posts, articles, web content, sales letters, and much more. Our copywriters are all fluent in English and have been writing sales copy for years. This superb copywriting ability will set you apart from your competition and allows us to convert your visitors at much higher rates. We are so proficient at content writing that some professionals have accurately referred to us as a content strategy agency.

Each and every month, literally thousands of new websites go online. A significant portion of these websites are being established by business enterprises of different types. Indeed, in this day and age business competition on the Internet and World Wide Web is intense and only getting more competitive.

This is why you need help to improve not just search engine ranking, but to begin to approach internet marketing in a more holistic way. This means that SEO alone is no longer the best approach. By incorporating SEO with other online strategies we are able to maximize everything together. That is why we don’t identify ourselves only as an SEO agency. We are more of a complete digital marketing solution.

The benefits of this are two fold:

1. First we don’t put all our eggs in one basket. This is called “risk management”. By minimizing risk we are able to provided much more secure services for companies relying on our methods. The internet is the fastest changing environment. If any one area were to change drastically it could have long lasting detrimental effects on your entire business. The likelihood of all of them changing at once is very UNLIKELY.

2. And second by incorporating things like social media and content marketing into our SEO we are able to give a safer longer lasting SEO service that looks more natural and that Google will continue to favor for ranking. It is a more “evergreen” SEO.

The end result is that the SEO is safer against future Google algorithm changes and safer by not relying on any one thing to keep the leads coming in.

Your online business competitors are not sleeping and they are always searching for a way to put your website down in the rankings. Fortunately, our Greenville marketing consultants (SEO consultants) are always watching your site’s performance so that you stay on top of Google for the key terms that will translate to real money.

Our search engine marketers will increase your organic traffic and keep your site alive in the top search engine rankings for years to come.

Most searches, turn up thousands if not millions of results -so if your site comes up after page 2 on Google – you’re missing out on all the traffic and money. Research shows that more than 90% of all search traffic never leaves the first page. Therefore, if you are on page 2, or worse,your website is only getting a fraction of the traffic, it would on the first page.

Our internet advertising agency is able to take your low traffic website and turn it into an authority site with lots of targeted traffic. We want you to become our next great success story!

Proven Formula For Ranking Success

Why should you hire us for our SEO services?

  • We are a results based agency. What does that mean? It means we don’t only focus on just search engine rankings. Instead we focus on the purpose of SEO which is the get you MORE paying customers and clients. As such we focus on the results we get you. What results are those? Plain and simple it is ROI. Ranking without conversions is useless. So instead of presenting ourselves as an SEO only agency we are actually a complete digital marketing company that provides a more holistic approach to online marketing. The days of only using SEO alone are gone.


  • We are the most affordable well known search engine company located in Greenville, South Carolina. We tailor our plan of action based exclusively on your individual business and situation to give you the most efficient, cost effective results, and thus the highest possible ROI. Real affordability can only come from our clients making an ROI on the money they spend with us. Otherwise you are just burning an endless hole in your pocket.


  • We offer the best reviewed and most effective search engine positioning services for businesses in Greenville County, SC. We have helped many local companies achieve more local business and can do the same for you.


  • Our team of trained internet experts know how to optimize your websites technical aspects in the most natural and Google friendly way possible. We don’t scam people by selling only “link packages”. Not setting up a page correctly and just building links will NOT get you ranked. Don’t be fooled by people selling useless link packages. Links alone will not rank a page. Anyone claiming otherwise is trying to trick you so they can get something for nothing.


  • Our professional agency of marketers know how to increase your SEO value for rankings that “STICK”. Therefore in the long run this will let us blow past your competition and get you to where you want to be, at the top on Google now and into the future. What good is achieving ranking if you just go back down a short time later? Seems to us like a waste of time. We strive for LONGER TERM ranking. Churn and burn is not our style.


When deciding to hire an internet optimization marketing company, it is important to work with a reputable company who has a history of proven results for ranking online websites. Our company is able to take your old website and transform it into a high converting lead machine for your business.

If you don’t have a website we can build you one.


In Greenville, South Carolina, we have achieved the best website results and stand far above many other internet search optimization companies because of the ROI we get our customers. In turn our hard work is rewarded by our very loyal following of satisfied clients.


We are able to take your company website from prospective keyword research all the way to a highly converting lead machine.


Want to rank a video, Facebook page, Yelp listing or more? We have a service we call SERP domination. Basically what that means is we can take a keyword and fill up the first page with properties that you control and that will bring more qualified leads to your website or landing page. So instead of having only ONE page ranking on the first page of Google you can have 3 or more.


Let us take you to the top with our special ranking and conversions simple and repeatable formula.

By selecting any one of our web design and/or local search optimization or marketing packages, you can have peace of mind that you are giving your online web presence a major boost in the right direction.


We offer the highest quality web design that will help attract new customers and leads for your local store or business. Our beautifully designed web pages made with the latest technology such as HTML5 and CSS3 not only perform exceptionally but are built to convert visitors into real world clients who you can add to your customer list.


We are known for getting the impressive first page results that our competitors simply can’t achieve. By using special tools, systems, teams, software, and a lot of hard work, our team gets the natural optimization results no other Greenville agency can beat.


We have website search engine rankings down to a science enabling us to repeat our page one rankings over and over again. And are consistently able to take websites which are not (and never were) ranking in Google to drive them up to the first page.


The same can be done for you because we have a repeatable systematic process set in place. Every time we apply this process we so are excited to see your domain rise to the top of the search rankings and getting traffic. We are able to do this because we give Google what it wants. And so they give you what you want.


As a company, we’re proud to be able to generate local traffic that converts at a very high rate.


After ranking is achieved your assigned local search engine consultants continue watching over your website’s performance so that you stay at the top of Google for your best and most profitable search terms.


We watch rankings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This gives us the best picture on what is going on and what the fluctuations (if any) can mean. In other words we watch it like a hawk so you don’t have to! We want to know if the movements are normal or if they are because of search engine updates which occur many times per year. These updates can naturally change ranking for a short time for some sites. We will then get back to work in pushing you back to the top.


Some rank positions will naturally shift as the internet grows and changes but we monitor your keywords to keep them at the top and make tweaks as necessary. Contrary to what many think SEO is NOT a set and forget type of process. Constant maintenance is necessary in order to continue to send the right “signals” to Google about your sites relevance and authority.


We also keep an eye out for your site and keywords in other popular search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Usually though if you can rank in Google you will also rank in Bing and Yahoo. So most of our focus goes to the place where most people are searching anyway which is Google. We go where the people go. Because you want to be where they are to get the exposure you seek.


Site security is also an important part of search engine optimization. If you site is hacked and infected with viruses or malware the search engines will block your site from appearing at the top of search results or anywhere for that matter. Therefore it is extremely important that your site remains secure. Our web design SEO professionals do an awesome job of keeping your site security protected.

In this respect we also offer site security and maintenance packages if you don’t think you or your company is technical enough to keep up with it. This is basically where we keep a close eye on your site and make sure it has not been compromised. We also provided regular scheduled backups of your entire site in case something were to happen. That way we can simply erase what is there and restore it with a good clean copy of your site. Once the virus or malware has been erased the search engines will restore your site to its original place. But the goal is not to allow it to happen in the first place. Even a few days or a week of being removed from the search engines can cause disastrous profit loses for some companies.


Also include in our site designs are compliance with Google algorithms to avoid any penalties associated with your sites construction or content, such as Panda.


From time to time updates come out to change what could cause a penalty. We are constantly on top of that as well. For example the recent mobile friendly penalty applied in 2015. Our goal is to always keep you penalty-free from any new Google algorithm changes or updates. As part of that we go above and beyond what is “required”.


With us, your website is always using the latest and most effective industry-leading techniques and technology. As part of this our team of skilled marketers utilize an array of the best SEO tools to reveal and uncover as much website data as possible for both you and your competitors. We literally have dozens of advanced software tools at our disposal to allow us to peer deep into the data we need to see.


This information about your website is collected for analysis by our certified web traffic experts. After closely examining every aspect of your site our skilled team then analyzes your competition in order to form a strategy to beat them. In other words we figure out how they are beating you. Then me match them on that and surpass what they are doing.


Our exclusive in-depth competition analysis is unmatched in the Greenville area. We uncover all the SEO secrets and techniques being used by your toughest competitors. We do this using our advanced tools, knowledge, and experience.


By hiring SEO Greenville SC, rest assured that you hired the right company with the right solution for your needs.


All of our SEO packages are custom tailored but always first start with a check and analysis of your website to determine if any search engine penalties, spam, or malware is present.

If your site does have a penalty or similar problem, we will then talk to you about options for correcting such a situation. The game plan will be formulated based on what you choose.


After our thorough checklist is completed, we then conduct the necessary keyword research which will reveal the most profitable keywords and the demand for your products and services in the area you want to target.


Then if your site is healthy we start with optimizing your titles, meta tags and content for your chosen keywords. Optimizing your website is known as on-page SEO and can be a time consuming, process of rewriting content with your keywords embedded throughout.


If the site is not healthy and has a lot of technical problems that will prevent the site from ranking these will first have to be addressed before doing anything else.


If you need new content as mentioned we have talented writers capable of producing high quality content for all your writing needs. This is content that will be optimized both for SEO and for conversions. Doing this is a balancing act few have the skills for. But we are able to achieve it.


Our content strategy marketing is so effective that we can usually start acquiring organic traffic just by how well our content is written from the longer tail keywords.


Highly optimized content is a good foundational way of getting some rankings for organic long tail keywords. However, in order to rank your most profitable keywords, it will require powerful off page link building, which is the process of acquiring backlinks off site from different authoritative websites.


Clean high quality backlinks should be a key component of every search engine optimization plan and should compliment a good web design and on- page strategy.

High authority backlinks is a great indicator of website value to search engines. Off-site links are great because they not only send visitors but they also send trust and authority to your website. This in turn helps you rank higher.


Rankings do take a little while to show their effects. But try to relax and know that you are taking proper action – the results are coming! Google has changed its algorithm significantly in the last 2 years where they apply a mandatory “waiting period” after a link is built to apply the full effect of its authority to a page.

But don’t worry this is normal and should be expected. Patience is a virtue now more than ever now for SEO.


Once rankings begin to take effect our team of skilled specialists will inspect analytics and make sure that the efforts to increase SEO ranking are paying off. Some of our short-term goals are to drive increased traffic to your website. We look forward to impressing you when you “Google” your business in the search engines.

However good that may be, our most important goal is making sure that you make a healthy profit on your marketing campaigns.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Have you ever wondered what those ads were on the side and top of the search pages on Google? Or those little ads from Google on websites all over the internet? Have you ever wondered how some of those ads can be so specific to what you are searching for or to the website they are on?

These are ads created by internet marketing professionals using the very popular ad platform Google AdWords. If you are interested in learning how to use these ads for internet marketing online, you have come to the right place. We are a local business in Greenville, SC, specializing in all aspects of online advertising including Google Adwords plateform.

Our search engine agency is one of the top companies for providing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising online. Pay Per Click is an ad method where the advertiser pays every time someone from the search engine clicks on their ad or from a website to the ad. This is one of the most popular strategies as advertisers get paid and billed based on ad performance.

One of our specialties is b2b search engine marketing. The b2b stands for business-to-business and describes an exclusive strategy we use to market to other businesses. Another one of our key strengths is “re-targeting” advertising. This is a form of advertising where we can follow bounced visitors from your website and re-target them with Google ads. This can be a very effective tool of re-engaging visitors who previously left your site for whatever reason.

As an online advertising agency, we focus on website promotion and SEM or search engine marketing. One of our trained search engine marketers will be happy to provide SEM marketing and search engine consulting of the highest caliber. SEM marketing refers to Search Engine Marketing and is a marketing strategy used to show up higher in the top search engines. Search engines such Google, Bing and Yahoo. This can be done organically or in this case with paid ads.

Pay per click or PPC is a form of SEM, but SEM also includes other tactics that don’t use ads such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All of our SEM services are very powerful – not to mention affordable to the average local small business owner. We can help advise you on setting a proper budget to get started. As your trusted marketing partners we will be able to work with you and adjust ad budgets as needed. The benefit of hiring our marketing firm is that we have a lot of experience in choosing the right keywords for online advertisement creation.

The only thing worse than not doing advertising is having a bad ad campaign. Having a sub-par ad campaign can potentially turn would-be clients off and/or burn a giant hole in your wallet with no results to show for it.

This is why we only hire ad agents with an excellent track record of proven results. Over the years we’ve built a team of experienced marketers that have helped many South Carolina companies. Our local ad firm has the right kind of experience to help make your business succeed online. Especially when it comes to PPC.

Our experts are able to choose your most profitable keywords to use in Adwords and build a campaign around ONLY the profitable keywords. We have a special technique that allows us to discover very profitable keywords that our competition just can’t find. This is one of the ways we are able to keep you one step ahead of your competitors. We do this by utilizing special tools and software along with exclusive best practices.

After that we use techniques to employ a process of elimination to delete keywords that are not performing while at the same time increasing your overall conversions verses your total ad spend. So the end result is we are able to tweak your PPC campaigns for continued increased ROI to get you maximum results for the money you spend on ads!

In addition to our amazing keyword research, we also conduct competition analysis to find which keywords will make you the quickest return on investment. Some SEO agencies will only focus on getting large traffic volumes whereas at Greenville SEO we focus on getting you profit! Does your business have multiple locations or service multiple areas? No problem! Our ad strategies allow us to help any kind of business.

We have been able to help many local companies in Greenville SC through our internet advertising. We are able to help you create an ad campaign, build the ad, and track the ad’s progress after execution. We can help you set a PPC budget that is affordable and profitable.

As time goes on, you will be able to increase your ad targeting and expand your web presence. If you are considering growing your business through PPC Adwords is one of the top platforms for doing so! Using tools inside Adwords such as Keyword Planner, our team are able to perform the most effective online marketing possible.

All of our team members are certified search engine professionals and know how to use ad services to increase your company’s exposure.

Give us a call today to get a FREE no-pressure online advertising consultation from one of our local experts.

Increase Ranking, Traffic, And Revenue

You can trust us to be your web ranking, traffic, and revenue experts. Our experienced team knows how to get you the top spots for your most profitable keywords.

As you may know, building credibility online in 2015 and into 2016 is of the utmost importance.

We solve this problem for you by offering the best services, that get you the best results for web traffic increase, and the best conversions increase anywhere in Greenville, SC. Our agency is known for providing excellent marketing and online advertising services, and we’re ready to increase your leads and sales figures using a holistic approach to online promotion.

Our previous clients have dominated the front page for their niches and we can do the same for you. They are always impressed by the professionalism of our work.

We achieve our impressive SEO results without the use of outdated spam or black hat tactics, continuously staying ahead of our market competition every month because we know how to do SEO better and safer than them.

Our team of SEO and advertising specialists are up to date with the newest algorithms and changes so you can be sure you are getting the best help possible for your business.

We have an expansive strategic approach to internet marketing utilizing a wide array of different techniques such as; granular keyword research, writing super relevant content, on page optimisation, off page search engine optimization, and high converting PPC. Our unique ranking processes will get your domain name in the lead on all international search engines through various up to date methods.

Not sure which methods will help you most? Give us a call and let our experienced people help advise you.

As mentioned in the other tab the first step in our ranking process is performing a website analysis for your website. We do this to check for any Google penalties such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.

You will notice that some of what we say on this page is repeating in other parts of the page. This is because we know that most people don’t read all sections of a website. Especially when it has a lot of content on it. To account for that we sometimes repeat what was said in other sections.

In regards to your site we also scan for any malware, spam or other problems we see. This process and the importance of it is covered more in depth in another section of this page.

After our website checklist is completed we check your presence online for any harmful or negative press. If we find negative press, we may refer you to our reputation management service. After our inspection, we then inspect your website for speed, on page optimization, image optimization, design flaws etc. If your business needs an entire new web design or additional pages built, that is no problem for us to handle.

Our team of web developers are able to do a website analysis and build you a brand new site that loads fast and is mobile optimized.

Mobile optimization is moving forward because as of 2015, Google is penalizing sites that are not mobile-friendly. Luckily, all of our web designs are mobile friendly in the eyes of the search engines. Plus, all of our website designers have years of experience in web design and coding so you can be sure your new website will be completely professional and well built. We can make any customization you require.

In addition to the site inspection and construction, our SEO specialists will also perform in-depth advanced keyword research. We do this research to figure out traffic volumes for keywords as well as the likelihood of a new visitor converting on your website. Our people are skillfully trained at keyword research and know how to find the most relevant keywords to the services and products you might have to offer.

One of the reasons we outperform our competitors is because we focus on keywords that best represent what people are looking for. We don’t solely rely on traffic volume as our main indicator (even though it is a factor). The more “relevant” your page is to what people are searching for the more chances you have of converting the traffic. We look for profitable keywords or what we like to call the “money words”. Let us apply our masterful keyword research knowledge to your business today.

By building a new SEO designed website you can leverage the power of your site in ways you could never do before! If content is needed, we’ve got you covered! We have a skilled set of writers who are able to produce high quality content quickly for any website, blog, journal or article. Our seasoned writers never produce bad duplicate content and always write long descriptive content for our customers.

The writers will specially place your relevant keywords into the content for maximum effect. This optimized content mixed with “money words” will drive profitable organic traffic to your website and move you one step closer to your business goals.

Besides new highly optimized content, we will also be providing other on page SEO. On-page SEO is arguably the most important factor when it comes to showing up higher in the search results. The reason why is because Google loves to show high quality content-rich websites at the top of the page and the sites with less relevant or less helpful content at the bottom.

Luckily we know how this process works and are able to make any on page optimization change needed.

Here are a list of some of the on page and off page optimization changes that we make:

On Page Optimization:

1. A detailed keyword research report (if necessary)

2. Header text with optimized h1 tag.

3. Well written Meta title, Meta description and keywords.

4. Professionally written header text and footer text with the right keywords.

5. Image Optimized alt tag for images with the right keywords.

6. Optimize the body content through appropriate use of keywords in the right place.

7. Modified and SEO optimized the footer links


Off Page Optimization:

1. Link building with other quality high authority websites

2. High authority links from niche relevant sites and pages

3. Get links from highly trusted .edu, .gov websites

4. Posted advertisement of your site in the biggest and most popular high quality classified websites

5. Creation of google analytics account so that you can see your traffic details as well as much more…

6. Keyword ranking report once a month and much more…

7. Guest posting on relevant, similar blogs and websites for white hat and organic link building.

8. Distribution of our professionally written press releases, which gets picked up by many local news and entertainment sites and gives a huge boost in the Google rankings.

9. High quality social links from the most authoritative and highest trafficked social sites.

We don’t build spammy low quality links that Google will penalize you for.

So to recap in addition to new content and on page optimization, we will also be implementing a premium backlinking strategy.

Backlinks are a critical component in any online marketing campaign. Being able to get backlinks from niche and content relevant websites is a major marketing goal. The reason our firm puts so much emphasis on back links is because backlinks are one of the key metrics in the Google algorithm.

Through expert backlinking our team is able to raise your keyword rankings and increase your online branding awareness.

We have a proven process for backlinking that continues to work on a daily basis. This helps to transform your low traffic site into a high authority site on Page 1.

Using this combination we are able to get you on top for some of the toughest searches. By having higher ranks for the right keywords, your website will receive considerably more exposure to unique targeted visitors and thus a rise in conversions.

High search rankings, combined with the expertise of our writers, will quickly drive custom traffic to your website and help turn them into paying customers.

Our traffic engineers are able to get this custom traffic through some of the different strategies and tactics mentioned above. But this is just an overview. We could easily write a book on everything we do but it would make for a VERY boring and confusing read.

In fact you may already be bored just reading the small amount we put on this page. But we understand some people are interested in the finer details of what we do although it is not at all necessary for you to understand any of it. We provided a complete solution from A to Z where we take care of everything.

Just to recap again we drive customers to your website through different channels such as web design, SEO, SEM, content marketing, PPC advertising, and more.

Doing PPC or social media advertising can quickly and dramatically increase traffic to any website. All of our staff are trained on how to use these advertising methods.

Call today and let us help you create a traffic-getting and conversion action plan that will move one step closer to your business dreams.

By hiring our agency, you are making sure you stay on the safer side of Google. In addition to penalty prevention, we also track your sites to make sure they stay running 24/7. Website monitoring is typically a standalone service but, at Greenville SEO we can include it in other packages as well.

As part of our services we like to make sure your website stays penalty-free and high in the search engines.

With the traffic and ranking services we also include real time reporting, featuring site live monitoring as well as keyword tracking. Real time reporting is important because it allows us to check metrics instantly and accurately. Metrics such as site status, keyword ranking, penalty alerts, spam alerts and others.

As one of the leading SEO and web design companies in South Carolina, we are able to increase your traffic and profits. We have a highly qualified team of search engine experts who advise, plan, and execute your website’s marketing strategy.

Our proven process ranking system will help you to outperform your strongest competitors and keep your traffic flowing inbound.

There is a reason we are known as the best web design and SEO company in Greenville.

Call us now for a 100% free and no obligation internet marketing consulting. We love to help our clients achieve their online internet marketing goals!

Search Engine Marketing Quote (The value of what you get)

Here at SEO Greenville SC, we are the best company at providing search engine optimization at great prices for businesses in Greenville and around the world.

By contacting us to discuss your website, you are taking the first step toward making money back on your SEO, web design, PPC, SEM, SMM, or other type of maketing investments.

When looking to buy SEO or any marketing, it’s very important to make sure to plan for a return on investment. We have a team of search engine specialists who know the Google formula for ranking secrets and are ready to do keyword research & ROI calculation to find your best converting keywords.

Once we find your most profitable keywords, we then place them in the most relevant areas of your site to drive the right traffic to the right places. This will get you the results you need to make your budget not only affordable, but allow it to grow as you collect ROI.

Our company knows how to use many tactics, and even ones that use inexpensive online advertising rates, to put your website in front of your competition.

When seeking an internet marketing specialist, it’s important that you hire a reputable agency that can provide affordable search engine marketing for your budget and has a proven track record for achieving great results.

What is the number one thing that makes a digital marketing service affordable? One word: ROI.

If you are making money on the money you spend then it will ALWAYS be affordable. We believe many business owners calculate affordability wrong. They make the mistake in thinking that the “cheapest” service is the most affordable. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact if you are not making an ROI on the money you spend that cheaper service is actually the MOST EXPENSIVE both in the short and long term.

Here at SEO Greenville, we offer a cost-free analysis and have pay for performance options available at discounted rates.

We offer great SEO website search engine ranking as an affordable service for our customers and we are proud that our agency costs less than the competition. At the same time we are providing greater value through a return on investment.

Good work has expenses, but we focus our attention on making sure that you, as the client, get paid more than we do.

We don’t like to take on clients who we can’t get at least a 10/1 ROI ratio. That means that for every $1 you spend you should make $10 back in revenue.

Contact us now to receive a FREE 100% obligation free consultation.

After this initial consultation and exploratory conversation we can use the information you provided us to come up with an affordable proposal which includes a detailed itemized quote and pricing information.

Their is no obligation to accept the proposal. We don’t squeeze you with high pressure sales tactics. Instead we believe in servicing companies who actually want and need our services for a mutually beneficial relationship.

In fact we end up turning away more companies than we accept. Due to the personal attention and care we provide our clients we can only take on a limited number of qualified applicants. As mentioned above we only take on clients who we believe will make a substantial profit from our services.

We offer total SEO and marketing packages at low low prices – CALL TODAY or fill out the form on our “Discovery Page” linked to in the top navigation.

Search Engine Domination

Our goals and strategies extend beyond just trying to get the top spots. We are not satisfied with just ONE spot on the page. We aim to get you multiple top spots on the same page to send even more quality traffic and leads to your site.

Major Press Releases Services

We syndicate regular press releases to all of the major news outlets as part of our overall marketing efforts to get you the best possible exposure online. These include news sites like Fox News, ABC, NBC, Wall Street Journal, etc. This increases search engine rankings while at the same time sending additional traffic from quality sites.

Superior Content Creation

Our experts are trained in the most advanced web copy writing to magnetically attract people to want what you have to offer. We write it in an emotionally appealing way that is proven to relate to your customers, wants, needs, and concerns. This is the REAL secret to making money from a websites that 99% of SEOs are totally clueless about.


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